Prague May Have a New “Circular” Metro Line

The civic movement Praha Sobě proposed the possibility of building a new metro ring line in the city. This will relieve congested areas, and facilitate commuting to the Central Bohemian Region. 

Deputy Transport Minister Adam Scheinherr wants to submit a feasibility study to the board this year.

“Over the next few years, the population of Prague will increase by several hundred thousand, and many more visitors will arrive in the city. Without a new basis for public transport, Prague will suffocate,” he said.

“Even with the current demand, the metro line will carry about 150,000 passengers a day on the busiest sections between Smichov and Budejovice,” he added.

However, the study can only be completed in 2025. And if everything goes smoothly, the city can get a permit to build the first part of the new metro line only in 2033, i.e. in 11 years.

However, this is not the first time such a proposal has been made. The Ring Line was included in the conceptual plans already under the communist regime when it was marked as Route E.

Given that the construction of line D is currently underway, would logical that the next line should be called E. However, Prague would like to call it “O”, i.e. the circular line.

Line O should go from Podbaba Railway Station through Dejvice, Smichov, Palace, Budějovice, Vršovice, Zizkov, Vysočany, Čakovice and then north back to Podbaba.

The length of the new line will be about 36 kilometers and includes 23 stations.

Currently, Prague city is waiting for permission to build the first section of the fourth metro line D, about ten kilometers long, which will connect Pankrac and Pisnice.

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