New Changes Pending With the Lítačka Card 

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Praguers who own the Lítačka card issued in 2018 will not have to change it after it expires in 2022.

Their cards will be automatically extended for another three years, according to Petr Habáň, a spokesman for the city company in charge of the card — ICT Operator (OICT). He confirmed this in conversation with ČTK.

With now over 933,000 of these cards in the system, about 168,000 cards expire next year. The city first issued the card in March 2016, since replacing the problematic Opencard card.

“By deciding to extend the validity of the Lítačka cards by three years, we want to meet the needs of all passengers in the capital, thus relieving them of their worries about handling a new card. In addition, this will prevent unnecessary costs that would result in issuing new cards,” said Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates).

All expiring cards will be automatically renewed in the OICT database. Passengers will not have to perform any action. For example in the past, so-called validators had to take place and insert a card into it.

Validators were canceled in August 2018. Passengers with expiring cards will be sent e-mails and SMS messages.

Out of a total of about 933,000 cards, people have long-term coupons loaded on more than 582,000 of them.

From Dec. 2019, people can also use the option to have a coupon only in the PID Lítačka mobile application and handle everything via the mobile screen, including the purchase.


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