New App for Checking Vaccination Certificates and Covid-19 Tests to Appear in the Czech Republic

ČTečka application

The new ČTečka application will be launched this week. It can be used to check vaccination certificates or Covid-19 testing.

“The app displays a green or red bar depending on whether the certificate is valid and complies with the current regulations,” said Lukasz Trnka, an official representative of the National Agency for Communications and Information Technology (NAKIT), about the new app.

The čTečka application regularly updates (about once every 24 hours), its parameters – validation rules and signature certificates of EU countries.

In the application, you can scan a unique QR code with your mobile phone camera, which is part of each certificate, and immediately check the electronic signature and the validity of the certificate. No internet connection is required.

The app will be available on both Android and iPhone, in Czech and English.

Main functionalities:

  • load and store current signing keys of EU countries validation rules from the Ministry of Health server
  • scan QR code, verify the electronic signature, check the validity of the certificate according to Czech Republic validation rules
  • display summary and detailed information from the certificate

The application doesn’t store or send out the personal data nor the health data of checked persons.

One more app called Tečka will be also available for download soon and can be used to submit antigen or PCR test results, evidence of previous Covid-19 disease, and vaccination certificates (including children’s certificates).

The Tečka application will be launched within June 30th.

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