New App Warning Pedestrians of Tram Collisions

pozor tramvaj app prague

Prague’s Public Transit Company (DPP) is testing a new phone application called „Pozor tramvaj!“ that warns pedestrians of oncoming trams as they cross the street.

Their goal is to reduce the number of collisions between trams and pedestrians and increase public safety by keeping pedestrians alert and giving trams priority.

Within city limits, 97 trams have been equipped with a device that would alert app users within 100 to 120 meters away via Bluetooth.

Users can choose between two modes; the default mode would only work when the phone is in use and the other would use vibrations and ringtone alerts to warn pedestrians a tram is approaching even with the app closed and phone’s screen shut off.

A spokesperson for DPP says that last year alone there were 47 collisions between pedestrians and trams although fortunately, no injuries resulted in death.

The new application is already being piloted on the 9, 11, and 22 tram lines and will continue at least until the end of June.

Milan Slunečko, A DPP tram manager told CTK that the trial period will extend into this summer.

“The pilot operation will run until the end of June this year. We will evaluate it in the summer and, based on the results, decide whether to install the transmission equipment in all our trams.”

pozor tramvaj app


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