Need a Lipstick Last Minute? Wolt and Dáme Jídlo Now Deliver Cosmetics

Before getting ready, you can order a new lipstick last minute online and it will arrive before you even have to leave the house.

In order to get their products to customers as quickly as possible, cosmetics retailers have joined forces with delivery services Wolt and Dáme jidlo.

Through Wolt, you can now order cosmetics in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Pilsen, or Liberec. However, and there are plans to expand the service to all other Czech cities.

“Currently, we work exclusively with LUSH, L’Occitane, Havlík’s Pharmacy, Ryor, FAnn Beauty Atelier, and The Body Shop. In the near future, we plan to include products from the Czech brand Manufaktura or the Polish company Ziaja, which specializes in products that are environment-friendly,” explains Jan Foret, Wolt’s CEO for the Czech Republic.

“Interest in the delivery of cosmetics on Wolt is growing dynamically and, just like with food, it is a very important part of our operations. We get the highest numbers of cosmetics orders during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or May Day. This year, sales of cosmetic products have risen by up to 300 percent,” adds Foret.

Dáme Jidlo does not fall far behind either- the company is also expanding through the Dáme Market service launched this year. And among other things, it is entering the world of cosmetics.

“We already offer some cosmetics through Dáme Jidlo and Dáme Market. At the moment we mainly work with shops with cannabis-based cosmetics, which is a big hit. On our Dáme Market platform, we offer regular cosmetic products and we want to further expand and add, for example, gift sets,” explains the CEO Filip Fingl.

“Our goal at Dáme Jidlo is to bring consumers everything they could need as soon as possible. We work with many different partner- stores such as Tesco Expres, Žabka, or Sklizeno. In each individual city, we try to choose local shops that are popular with customers. At the moment, we are negotiating with big players in the field of toys and pet food, which should appear on our platform in about three weeks,” adds Fingl. 

How has the pandemic changed e-commerce in the Czech Republic?

The interest in the services is huge, as evidenced by Uber’s data. It reports a year-on-year increase in distribution of 150 percent.

Instacart, which delivers orders from approximately five hundred Sephora stores, reportedly generated net profits of $ 1.5 billion in 2020. Some clothing stores now offer try-on services where the courier waits until the customer tries everything at home before keeping it. Elsewhere, companies try to reduce the delivery time to just half an hour.

In addition to fast and convenient delivery, cosmetic companies are now looking for other ways to reach their customers more easily.

Therefore, they choose to cooperate with marketplace platforms as well as with some retail chains. In July, Revlon announced a partnership with StockX, a resale platform where brands can now sell their products through the DropX model.

Ulta Beauty is available in Target stores and e-shop from this August, Sephora is now available in Kohl’s stores and plans to establish cooperation with more than two hundred branches by the end of the year.


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