NEBU Curry Club – Let’s Get Started

Sunday, June 19th – 12 noon till 8pm – ‘NEBU Curry Club’, Nebušice

As a British expat who’s lived here for nearly 20 years, let me tell you what I miss most – no,  it’s not fish and chips!, it’s Curry – as an ex catering college ‘chef’ from the 1980s who thinks he can do a pretty decent ‘chicken tikka masala’ (sadly not as good as my younger brother, Declan, who never studied a day at catering college in his life!) I think I’ve tried most of the Indian restaurants our beautiful City has to offer but have never really found anywhere that’s really ‘hit the spot’.

Until now – six weeks ago, a friend took me to Manifesto in Florenc to meet Sunil, the owner of NEBU, who asked me to sample his Italian-Indian ‘fusion’ cuisine. I really wasn’t convinced (chicken tikka in a calzone pizza!) but truthfully, I was totally blown away. Two weeks later he invited both of us to eat at his restaurant in Nebušice to meet his chefs and team promising me Indian food “like I’d never tasted before”.

We got there at 12 noon on a lovely sunny day, and after several hours (and bottles of wine!) sitting in the shaded terrace, an idea popped into my head – I turned to Sunil and said “OK, I’ve got an idea – let’s start a ‘NEBU Curry Club’ that creates one-off events celebrating a myriad of Asian regional dishes that are cooked and presented in a completely different style and manner to anything else you can get in Prague ”. He looked at me, smiled (we were now on Prosecco!), and said “Great, let’s do it”.

So, long story short, on Sunday the 19th of July, we’ll be hosting the inaugural ‘NEBU Curry Club’ event at Sunil’s restaurant in Nebušice – and we promise, it’s going to be something special. We want to invite fellow ‘foodies’ to come and join us for this inaugural event – starting at 12 noon, we’ll be serving a welcome drink – ‘Mango Chili Martini’ (with vodka and Prosecco ) followed by a full Indian degustation menu that will literally take us all afternoon to get through.

As you’ll see from the pictures on our Facebook page, the way the food will be cooked and served is unlike anything else you’ve seen before and we’ll have the whole terrace to ourselves – from 12 noon till 8pm (that should be long enough!). We’re hoping to see some familiar faces but want to see some new faces too as we’re hoping to make regular Club events moving forward. We’ll be videoing and recording the event, so if you don’t mind, we hope you come prepared to be on film!

To be sure of a place, please click on the ‘going’ link on our FB event page and we look forward to welcoming you and sharing a fantastic day together!


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