Tomorrow the National Gallery Launches New Exhibition Season

The opening ceremony of the new exhibition season of the National Gallery Prague in the Trade Fair Palace will take place on Thursday 5 March from 19:00.

The gallery will present the most comprehensive retrospective of the sixty years of work of sculptor Kurt Gebauer (6/3 – 2/8).

With the prospect of more and more frequent demolitions, there will be an exhibition on brutalism in Prague architecture in 1960 – 1980 (6/3 – 6/9). The exhibition will present original plans accompanied by collages, photos, models and fragments of buildings that no longer exist, with period furniture or artistic sculptures.

Another project of the National Gallery, the exhibition A Dream in a Dream: Edgar Allan Poe (6/3 – 30/8), is dedicated to the phenomenon of horror and fear and the reflections of the abundant works by Edgar Allan Poe in the artwork of František Kupka, Josef Váchal, Alfred Kubín, and other artists.

About the National Gallery – Veletržní palác

At the time of its construction (completed in 1928), this was the largest building of its kind in the world and the first Functionalist building in Prague. Today it serves the needs of the National Gallery.

The history of the Czech National Gallery started in 1796 when a group of Czech nobles and middle-class intellectuals, titled The Society of Patriotic Friends of the Arts, were determined to heighten the disintegrated appreciation of ascetics in the local community. The Society established the Academy of Fine Arts and the first public picture gallery.

A unique collection of Czech and international modern and contemporary art, it includes some extremely valuable examples of French and European art, including important works by such illustrious names as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and many more.

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