Náplavka Will be Closed All Summer

The restoration of Prague’s Rašínovo nábřeží embankment along the Vltava River, will begin on April 20 and many food vendors and bars will remain closed all summer.

The waterfront on the opposite side of the river in the district of Smíchov is also set to undergo renovation. Instead of beer and sunshine along the Vltava, people will enjoy the view of workers and cranes.

“All the stands will be closed the whole summer […] Excavators are scheduled to arrive on April 20th until September,” Bajkazyl wrote on Facebook. “The workshop, the bar, and the stage won’t be opened this spring – and we do not even know if they ever do,” they added. 

Prague City Hall approved the changes to the embankment in February last year, but the renovation works were delayed due to administrative and technical reasons.

The revitalization will mainly concern the renovation of 12 rooms set into the stone walls, under the upper-level street. Some of them will be turned into public cafes and galleries featuring glass entrances. New benches and trash containers will be placed along the promenade as well. 

The project, which should end by the autumn of this year at the latest, is expected to cost around 225 million crowns. 

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