Na Břehu Rhôny Brings a Taste of France to Malá Strana

Beer is what made Prague famous. But as the city becomes ever more cosmopolitan and international, locals and tourists alike are expecting a much greater variety in the drinks they enjoy.

Nestled inconspicuously in Malá Strana, Na Břehu Rhôny is bringing exactly that: a much-needed contribution to Czech wine culture. They offer a wide variety of French wines that cannot be found anywhere else in the Czech Republic.

Opened at the end of May, the newest location focuses only on tapas and wine—all while bringing a huge dose of authentic French charm. Situated in a heavily trafficked area of Malá Strana, but a few blocks away from the main strip, the venue is surprisingly peaceful.

The patio is pleasant and airy, often hosting live jazz acts—every Thursday for the remainder of the summer. Venture further in, and there is more to be discovered: a tastefully decorated interior that retains the charm of the old building while adding touches of French charm and a spacious courtyard that offers more private outdoor seating.

Na Břehu Rhôny was started in Vyton from a desire to host friends and share in the pleasures of good wine—it has rapidly expanded, as the owners confront increasing demand for good, small-batch foreign wines. The wines are sourced from all regions of France, and the owners have a personal relationship with each vineyard.

The selections change from year to year, but the dedication to supporting small, family wineries remains the same. Furthermore, none of the wines are available anywhere else in Czechia, making this a must for any self-respecting wine enthusiast. More than that though, Na Břehu Rhôny is innovating how wine is served.

For the table service, there is no menu: the wait staff, all trained as sommeliers, listen to the customers preferences, and suggest wine that would go well with whatever food is being ordered. Experimentation is encouraged—customers often try two or three wines (for free, of course) before settling on a glass they know they’ll like. Beyond table service, a totally unique, self-serve bag-in-box wine system is also available.

Based on the honor system, customers can serve themselves a glass of wine, choosing from the same vast array. Here, too, they can try a few before choosing one they are happy with. Customers then keep track of how many glasses they’ve drunk and pay as they leave. It’s seen huge success, and customers appreciate the trust being placed in them:

“It makes me feel appreciated, and allows me to try wines from all over, at my own pace—which isn’t slow,” says Sasha Snyder, one repeat customer to both the Malá Strana and Dejvická locations.

On Saturdays in Mala Straná there is also brunch service, with several options that include the traditional American pancakes, along with more French options like omelets or tartines and more upscale offerings like oysters.

Dessert, too, is always on offer—the crêpes suzette is worth a try. For seasoned wine experts or beginners looking to broaden their tastes, Na Brehu Rhôny is the place to be.

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