České Dráhy Release New Version of “My Train” App

České dráhy is going to release a new version of My Train app, to simplify the purchase of tickets in a significant way. It will be possible to buy them much faster than in the past, and in fact just in a few clicks.

The update will come to the existing users gradually, not later than by the end of June.

“During the update, we have used the development of new technologies and at the same time we responded to the wishes of our users who were sending us their ideas concerning the improvement of individual functions,” explains Roman Menc, ČD Web Manager and one of the application creators, adding: “It is the second-largest update of the application in its history. The new version will be received by users gradually with updates.”

“Passengers can buy a ticket with a lower number of clicks. The app is able to display the exact price of the service found already at the beginning of the shopping process, and it makes it possible to quickly toggle between car classes, including an immediate price calculation,” says Menc.

Push notifications with service information

At the same time, České dráhy starts to send news with push notifications. “It will not operate as a channel for sending commercial offers, but for important notices only. We plan to send information in case there is a change in train’s route, timetable, or any parameter which has an influence on the journey,” added Menc.

Comprehensive travel services on your mobile phone

The high popularity of the application is connected with its simple and practical use. The tickets purchased in the My Train app don’t need not be printed. During a check onboard the train it is sufficient to show the 2D code displayed on the mobile phone. The application makes it possible to buy tickets to a number of neighboring countries, too.

Basic functions

  1.  Connections – search for connections, obtain comprehensive information about the connection for purchasing a ticket directly
  2.  Train – easily obtain complete information about your train and continuous information about its journey
  3.  Station – complete overview information about the selected station, including current departure times (overview of train departures including information about their platform, track, and any delay)
  4.  Tickets – manage purchased tickets to easily display them to a conductor during an inspection on the train, and to make quick repeat purchases of tickets which you have purchased in the past

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play

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