MyFoodPlace: The First Cloud Kitchen in Prague

myfoodplace cloud kitchen

If you are looking for a quick delivery to your door, or if you’re running a company or business and want a practical and quick way to have your meals every day, MyFoodPlace can help.

This company offers their service as the very first Cloud Kitchen in Prague, Czech Republic. What makes the concept behind a Cloud Kitchen interesting, is that a company usually takes multiple chains of restaurants and food services under their wing, and in general, lets them work from the same location.

This concept is both pragmatic, efficient, and also innovative.

MyFoodPlace, as an example, collaborates with many different restaurants, to give their customers a plethora of options, such as Corleone, Smíchovna, Namaste India, Žebírkov, and their very own pizza brand Raketou, to deliver a variety of different dishes to your door or place of work.

All these food brands work under one roof and are at their customers’ service. 

myfoodplace ghost kitchen

MyFoodPlace deliveries have an eclectic range of different foods, from pasta to burgers, salad bowls to Asian cuisine, to even Indian and Czech Food. If you want to expand your taste palette with the different delicacies this company has to offer, then taking advantage of this multicultural menu is highly recommended. Everything is accessible and neatly categorized on their website: MyFoodPlace – První virtuální kuchyně.

MyFoodPlace also offers two of their very own food brands. If you’re in the mood for American-style pizza, or maybe you’re craving for something healthier but still tasty, then try Pizza Raketou or Fresh Table for salad bowl delicacies.

You can check out Pizza Raketou on their website: Give them a follow on Instagram: raketou_cz and Fresh Table’s Instagram: Freshtable_cz.

myfoodplace prague

Conveniently, the website provides a ‘best-sellers’ category, where all the most popular choices are lined up, so it’s easier for users to choose. This serves as a good feature for the more indecisive customers.

The company’s goal is to expand their reach across Prague. They plan to open more cloud kitchens, to offer their services to a wider customer-base. This means customers have more opportunities to order from several diverse and interesting kitchens, through one single order.

Overall, it’s easy to use, it’s rapid, and all there is to do is to make an account. MyFoodPlace also offers a discount bonus when you register. Although, registration is not mandatory.

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