Some Famous Music Video Clips Shot in Prague

REM Patti Smith Prague

Prague is undoubtedly a city with a very rich historical background. Simultaneously, it also has a wonderful and vibrant artistic and cultural scene.

The city’s general attractiveness has been a magnet for many world-renowned artists and musicians to come flocking and to use the city’s spots and impressive facilities.

Prague’s metros, club scenes, and diverse aesthetically-pleasing spots have been shot on video and utilized by many different household names over the past decades. Here are some noteworthy examples:

Radiohead, the famous British rock-band hailing from the 1980s, used Prague’s metro announcement, in the opening of their song A Reminder, released in 1998. The song comes from their ‘EP Airbag/How Am I Driving?’, and was reportedly recorded from Jiřího z Poděbrad.

Additionally, their main vocalist Thom Yorke, shot a short film partly in Prague, while riding an underground train. The film is available on Netflix, featuring three of Yorke’s songs from a new album named ANIMA, and was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.



On top of that, the wildly successful and iconic Rihanna, also shot two music videos in Prague. Her single Don’t Stop the Music was filmed in Radost Fx. On the other hand, her single Shut up and Drive was shot in a scrapyard somewhere in Prague.


To add to the list, the American Band R.E.M. shot part of their music video E-Bow The Letter in Prague. In the clip, the viewers will see tram number 14, Kotva Department, and Prague’s main railway station. The band’s singer Michael Stipe, was actually one of the first musicians coming from outside the country, to perform in Prague after the Velvet Revolution.


Kanye West, has also come to Prague to shoot and film two music videos. Runaway and No Church in the Wild. The celebrity rapper reportedly enjoys his stays in the city.


Other names who filmed in Prague or in the Czech Republic include The Lighthouse Family from Britain, and even the sensational group The Prodigy, to name a few.

Hlavní nádraží

The train station became a very common destination for foreign musicians. For example, the following artists shot their music clips here:

  • Gwen Stefani – Early Winter
  • Geri Halliwell – Look at Me
  • Editors – Smoker Outside the Hospital Doors
  • Blue – Breathe Easy
  • Lasgo – Something
  • Sarah Connor – From Sarah with Love
  • Simply Red – Your Eyes 
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