The Museum of Senses in Prague: One-of-a-Kind Experience!

The Museum of Senses is a one-of-a-kind experience. Located in the heart of Prague, within walking distance from Wenceslas Square, offers over 50 exhibitions that are intriguing to all generations from 3 to 90 years old! 

The idea of the museum is to awaken and play with your senses. Some of the exhibitions are illusion-based, but technology is not always required as the expertise in setting exhibitions is the main factor in providing such unique experiences.

There are exhibitions for every sense: sight, smell, hearing, balance, and touch.

Each exhibition has a different intention: stimulate or relax your senses.

The Museum of Senses can also be seen in Bucharest, Romania, and soon in Valencia, Spain. Because there are three locations, each location has special features as an omen to the home country.

The museum in Prague has one exhibition that is dedicated to sounds. A video of Golem plays on a big screen while you are required to make the sounds that animate the video. Several, non-technological features create the sounds of wind, thunder, horse hoofs, a fly buzzing, and
many more.

The idea is to not only animate the video but also to have fun. It is an interesting take on the arcade game Whack-a-mole that is exhilarating for small and large groups alike.

In the smell exhibitions, the smells are dedicated to random yet common Czech commodities such as the inside of a Škoda, Tomáš Bata shoes, and ancient Czech cedar trees.

Incorporating these infamous Czech characteristics makes the museum original and stand apart from its other locations.

There are several rooms that make for amazing photo opportunities as well. The Blue-Red-Green room has lights of those colors blasted against a white wall. It turns your shadows into purple, red, blue, and green and is great lighting for photos.

Another exhibition is the Vortex spinning tunnel. This is another room great for photos with color-changing lights and mirrors on eight sides that make a thousand reflections appear.

Mirrors are one illusion this museum loves to play with. In addition to the Vortex spinning tunnel, there is a face-swap mirror illusion. With one person standing on each side of a paneled mirror, your eyes and mouth reflect, yet it’s the person on the other side’s nose, chin, and forehead that you are looking at. I have never seen a real-life face-swap before this so it was easy to enjoy and have a laugh with.

The first exhibition you will enter is a 9D VR experience with over 150 videos to play for kids and adults. After having an amazing technology experience, visitors will enter through a mirror maze —just to begin the experience with confused and heightened senses.

The museum offers to host birthday parties and events alike. It has a cute gift shop with different souvenirs such as pencils you can plant that grow into plants, brain teaser games, handmade jewelry with different smells, and a kaleidoscope photo booth with fun photos of yourself that you can purchase.

The versatility of the exhibitions makes for a lovely place for a family activity, a date, or even just to take fun photos with your friends. The staff are all also incredibly kind and informative.

Opening hours during Christmas:
24.12: 9 am-5 pm
25.12:  9 am-8 pm
26.12: 9 am-8 pm
31.12: 9 am-5 pm
01.01: 12 pm-8 pm
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