Municipal House: Where Czechoslovakia Was Born

If you want to experience authentic Czech history with a touch of luxury, you should not miss the municipal house. This splendid Art Nouveau building encompasses several treasures, from authentic café, restaurant, marvelous concert hall and impressive exhibition halls. Furthermore, you can have a guided tour by the whole building and discover all the representative halls that hosted imported events of the Czech(oslovak) history.

Explore the Interiors of Municipal House

When I used to be a university student, I always passed a municipal house while running to my lectures to the nearby Celetna street. I like to watch the luxurious interior of café from outside and dreamed of me sitting there as well. A few years later, I start to establish a deeper relationship with the municipal house by attending temporary exhibitions. I admired beautiful décor that impressed me to the very detail.

These limited visits draw my curiosity to explore this place even deeper, so I joined my first guided tour. I was impressed by the stunning décor of different representative halls that is projected to every detail. Even door handles, heating system and knobs are matching the design of every room. I especially like the Oriental lounge, original paintings of Alfons Mucha and stained-glass windows. I have some pieces of this beauty right here for you.

Concerts in Municipal House

Furthermore, the municipal house has a monumental concert hall called Smetana Hall that can encompass up to 1200 listeners and host regular concerts of classical music. There are even two smaller halls, so it is suitable for hosting musical festivals such as the well-known Prague Spring. If you are not a big fan of classical music, I would encourage you to have a try. Especially, I like the concert “The Best of Classics” that gives you a shorter version of famous classical songs. I must say that my friends were impressed even like a “beginners of classical music.” So, give it a chance and check the program here.

History of Municipal House

The municipal house also has a crucial role in our history. In middle age, there was a seat of the Bohemian kings. However, the royal family moved to Prague castle, and the original Royal Court fall into ruins. It was finally demolished in 1903, and the new building of the municipal house was ready by 1912. In the 20th Century, it hosted two significant events of the Czechoslovak history. Firstly, the independent state of Czechoslovakia was proclaimed right here on October 28, 1918. Secondly, the municipal house hosted the first meeting of the communist party with Václav Havel in November 1989 that leads to the democratization of Czechoslovakia.

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