Your Prague Mug: Můj Bagel

muj bagel prague

Products from yeast dough in the form of a ring – bagels are distinguished by a memorable taste. The peculiarity of their preparation is that before baking they are lightly scalded in water.

The resulting “bagel” is cut in half to add the filling to the sandwich – it can be the most diverse: both hearty, and sweet, and salty.

Originating in Europe, this dish has become almost a cult classic in the United States, and are especially loved by New Yorkers.

Bagels with coffee, as a breakfast option (are quick, satisfying, and tasty), often appear in films and books describing American life.

In a word, this phenomenon is firmly established in American culture. If you have said at least once in your life: “Can I have everything bagel with cream cheese, toasted”, then you definitely understand what it is about.

Today I went to Můj Bagel. When I think about this place my mouth fills with saliva. People come here from other parts of the city just to taste this piece of art in the world of bagels.

Můj Bagel has a small but cosy room with only three tables- and have an open kitchen where you can watch the culinary process of making the tasty treats.

They have a huge selection of flavours and fillings to choose from. You have a chance to taste original and new flavours, which are definitely not found anywhere else in Prague.

Můj Bagel also has plenty of vegan options, and even the sweet bagels are made from vegan chocolate- so there are many options that will suit everyone.

muj bagel prague

For me, it is always important that the cafe also has delicious and high-quality coffee. Here you will be brewed fresh coffee from Coffeesource, and there is also a very large menu with drinks; smoothies, teas, cocktails, mulled wine, etc.

Mousse desserts with exclusive recipe have recently appeared in Můj Bagel too. A well-balanced bagel, coffee and dessert is the perfect combination for a tasty meal.

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