MotoGP in Brno to End Over Low Subsidy

The motorcycling Grand Prix in Brno is likely to end after this year’s event without a long-term state financial contribution, South Moravia Regional Governor Bohumil Simek (ANO) said in a press release today in reaction to the 39-million-crown state subsidy rather than the requested 65 million.

Speaking to, executive director and chairman of the board of directors of Automotodrom Brno Ivana Ulmanová says they’ve been blindsided after expecting the full amount to be funded.

“I was thinking that there would be some kind of helpfulness. So, I have to say that it is utter despair, and those who have decided this way have hurt not only the finances of the Czech Republic but also South Moravia and motorsport. Dorna have said that unfortunately, the Czech Republic is one of the worst partners they have and that they are not even considering expanding the contract at this time, because the payment is unfortunately not what they imagined.”

The news comes at the worst possible moment for Brno, with fierce competition among a series of countries to take a spot on the calendar. It could well play into the hands of new track Finland, though, with Brno’s August date the perfect time for them if they are to enter the calendar in 2020.

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