Most Romantic Places for Couples in Prague

Everybody knows that Prague is beautiful, but in reality, it is REALLY beautiful. In fact, it is one of the best places in the world for a romantic trip or even a honeymoon. Today, we will show you the best places to visit in Prague with your partner.

TOP-7 Romantic Places in Prague

Obviously, there are more than 7 romantic spots in Prague, but if it is your first visit we suggest focusing on these first. Some places might not be right for you, while others will turn out perfect.

Prague Castle

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Prague Castle is the top highlight of the city. Even from a distance, you can see the gigantic complex perched on Hradčany, a hill on the other side of the Old Town. The castle is the largest enclosed castle area in the world and is extremely impressive. It was founded in the 9th century and, as is always the case with castles, various builders and architects changed its appearance over time.

If your partner likes a medieval theme or you simply want to take a look into the past, then you should definitely visit. This is also a popular meeting place for dates and even proposals. If you want to finish the date near the castle, you can get flower delivery in Prague and leave an unforgettable impression.

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is the most impressive church in all of Prague. The size, beauty, and different styles make this cathedral very special. The front entrance area is open to all visitors. However, if you want to walk further into the church, you will need a ticket.

On tour, you can spend at least one hour in St. Vitus Cathedral – which is probably too fast. Take your time, let the romantic atmosphere of this huge church work its magic on you.

Charles Bridge

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Charles Bridge (Karlův in Czech) is one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe. Built in the 14th century, it crosses the Vltava River. Since 1870 it is officially called Charles Bridge and it is definitely one of the romantic hotspots of the city. In the past, it was completely “naked”, with no statues. The first was the construction of the statue of St. Nepomuk. After that, other bridge figures were erected.

With your partner, you can climb up one of the two Karlstürme towers directly at the bridge. From up there you have a wonderful view of the city, which is definitely worth it.

Kampa Island

A real Venetian island in Prague. Colorful buildings, as if reborn from the water, splashing of the stream, the narrowest street of the city – all this creates the atmosphere for the best date. By the way, you should definitely check out John Lennon’s wall here. 

Petrshin Hill 

The hill is located on the Lesser Side and has many legends of lovers meeting there. For example, climbing up there you should find a small statue of Karel Hynek Mahi and kiss your beloved. The citizens of Prague believe that after that your feelings will be strengthened. And there is also Prague’s Eiffel Tower. 

Nový Svet

This is a narrow street that few visitors to Prague know about. You should come here in the evening when the sun goes down, and the curves of the street will be illuminated by the yellow light of the lanterns. It’s something you won’t forget. 


The Clementinum, even thou it is the last in this article, is definitely one of the best romantic places in Prague. There is a guided tour every hour and every half hour (sadly, there’s no other way to get into the building).

The Clementinum area is the second largest in the city after Prague Castle. The tour includes a visit to the famous library and a climb up the tower. You will learn a lot of interesting facts about astronomy, ancient utensils of scientists and get a small demonstration of the same.

The library is a real gem of the Clementinum. Although you can’t enter this gigantic room (even taking pictures is strictly forbidden), you really have enough time to have a close look at everything. During the tour, a lot is explained about the globes inside and about the books. By the way, all books have been digitized, so you can also read them on the internet. From the tower, you have a good view of the city in all directions.

There is not the slightest doubt that Prague is the place where you should go on vacation for couples. The capital of the Czech Republic will charm your second half and give you unforgettable moments for life. By visiting the places we described you will fall in love with the city and with each other. 

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