Most Prostitutes in Czech Republic Are Single Mothers

According to statistics from Rozkoš, 60% of prostitutes in the Czech Republic are mothers. Most of these women are single-parents.

There is an estimated 10,000-13,000 prostitutes in the Czech Republic. The research, which was conducted over a number of years also showed that the number of prostitutes with two or more children increases year-on-year.

During an interview, a mother of two children, over 40, spoke about how both children attend school. She also explained how she got into this line of work, beginning with the children’s father, who allegedly never cared about them.

She says she worked several low paying jobs to try to pay the bills and look after her family but realizing it would not be enough she became desperate. “I was forced to take a loan and take on debt, just to survive,” she says, adding, “I’m now working at a nightclub, there are about 10 women. The average age, I would say, is about 30 years old, and they are more or less self-sufficient with young children.” 

“Before that, I worked at the factory and made just 12,000 gross per month. And now I’m able to earn this in a week. In addition, it is very difficult to find work in the Czech Republic that can be easily reconciled with family care,” she added. 

In the sphere of sexual services, quick money can be earned. “When you are in need and you cant pay rent, you really have no food to give to your kids, you can go to the club and work, in 90 percent of cases you will get the money that day,” says Hana Malinová, director of Rozkoš.

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