Most Anti-Covid Measures to End Starting March 1

petr fiala new prime minister

From 1 March, most of the measures against the spread of Covid-19 will be abolished in the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said on Wednesday after the cabinet meeting.

If the epidemic situation develops according to experts’ expectations, the only measure that will stay in force will be the wearing of respirators in public spaces.

“We will also gradually increase the number of visitors at cultural, sporting events,” said Fiala. “We all believe that the omicron wave is behind us,” he added.

However, the government plans to maintain the limit of a maximum of 1,000 sitting spectators for mass events until February 18, following the lifting of the requirement to show a Covid certificate at restaurants and other facilities.

Other group events, including children’s leisure activities, can be attended by a maximum of 100 people.

After February 19, the maximum number will increase to 500. For seated events, the number of spectators could be increased by up to 50%.

From Thursday, February 10, the government is going ahead with previously announced plans to allow the unvaccinated back into restaurants and other venues as infections start to ebb.

The Health Ministry reported more than 37,000 new cases on Tuesday, or 20,000 less than a record hit a week ago.

The Czech government has sought to boost vaccinations, with 63.5% of its population inoculated, below the European Union average of 70%, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Almost 36% of Czechs have had a booster shot.

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