Morning News: Wednesday, March 22, 2022

  • The population of Czechia  increased by roughly 16,700 inhabitants to 10.5 million last year, according to the Czech Statistics Office. The upward trend was driven mainly by migration. Roughly 57,000 people immigrated to the country in 2022, while around 20,000 emigrated.


  • Leverkusen striker Patrik Schick has been voted the best Czech footballer of the year for the second year in a row. The 27-year-old defending champion won the title in a poll conducted by the Football Association of the Czech Republic, coming more than 200 points ahead of Fiorentina midfielder Antonín Barák.


  • The ČEZ Energy Group reported a record net profit of CZK 80.7 billion last year, up from CZK 9.9 billion the previous year. According to the company, the significant increase reflects the soaring energy prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the high operational reliability of ČEZ power plants.


  • Retired Czech tennis legend Martina Navrátilová has been cured of cancer, the Czech News Agency announced on Tuesday. Navrátilová, who lives in the US, was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer of the larynx last November as well as breast cancer, which had returned after 13 years in remission.


  • According to a press release issued by the ASMR, the Administration of State Material Reserves (ASMR) has ordered the disposal of over 17 million face masks with an expired use-by date.

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