Morning News: Wednesday, March 1, 2023

  • In Czechia there are around 30,000 Ukrainian children who are refugees who arrived into the country by themselves and are unattended by adults, the Government Commissioner for Human Rights Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková told the Czech News Agency. Some of these children are thus living in children’s homes.


  • Most Czechs still prefer a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine, according to a poll carried out by the Median agency for Radiozurnal, released on its website yesterday. Almost 90% of respondents said the European Union and NATO should try to settle peace through diplomatic talks.


  • Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili and Thea Maisuradze, the country’s newly appointed Ambassador to the Czech Republic, on Tuesday reviewed bilateral cooperation between the two countries.  Highlighting the “dynamically developing” relations between the states in their meeting at the PM’s office, the officials also pointed to their “fruitful cooperation” within international organisations.


  • Petr Hladík of the Christian Democratic Party will be named the country’s new Environment Minister on February 10 by Petr Pavel, a day after the latter’s inauguration into the office of president, Prime Minister Petr Fiala announced at a press conference on Tuesday.


  • The prices of manufacturer’s saw a year-on-year rise by tens of percentage points in January, according to data published by the Czech Statistics Agency on Tuesday. Agriculture saw prices grow by 25.5 percent, industry by 19 percent and construction by 11.4 percent. Market services for businesses were also on the rise, by 6.3 percent.

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