Morning News: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

  • Some 28 percent of Czech households can only afford basic foodstuffs, suggests a study by the company KRUK, which administers debt claims for financial institutions and corporate clients, cited by the Czech News Agency.


  • The last ministerial meeting held under the Czech EU Presidency took place in Brussels on Tuesday. Jurečka symbolically handed over the presidency to Sweden, after Czechia’s six month stint at the helm of the EU during which time it completed negotiations on a number of proposals from the EU climate package.


  • Two-thirds of Czechs are reducing how much they spend on cultural pursuits due to the economic situation, and are now spending around CZK 430 on culture monthly on average, according to the Culture Index survey conducted by the Creative Europe Desk.


  • Demolition work on a former pig farm at Lety in South Bohemia, built on the site of a concentration camp for Romanies during World War II, has been completed. The Czech state purchased the pig farm in 2018 following years of discussion on the subject.


  • The Czech army received the first of 15 older Leopard 2A4 tanks from Germany on Tuesday, to make up for those which Czechia sent to Ukraine to boost the country’s defense capability. According to the Czech Defense Ministry the remaining 14 tanks should arrive in Czechia next year.

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