Morning News: Tuesday, November 22, 2022

  • The Czech Republic will send another two heavy bridge structures to Ukraine as humanitarian aid, Fire Authority spokeswoman Jana Urbancova told journalists yesterday. Firefighters are carrying out the transport.


  • The fee for emergency health care does not fulfil its regulatory function and should be increased from 90 to 200 crowns, the president of the Czech Medical Chamber (CLK), Milan Kubek, told Czech Television today.


  • Interest among Czechs in subsidies for photovoltaics and heat pumps has reached a record high this year, Czech Television reported. The authorities have already received more than 56,000 applications this year, almost four times more than last year.


  • People in Czechia can get tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C for free from Monday to Sunday within a Europe-wide prevention and awareness campaign. Eighty-two testing sites will be open to the public


  • The Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary face the risk of exchange-rate crises over the next one year as fiscal and external challenges mount, according to Nomura Holdings Inc. The warning is based on analysis of eight indicators including FX reserves import cover, real short-term interest rates, as well as fiscal and current account measures, according to Nomura’s Damocles Index which assessed 32 emerging markets’ vulnerability.

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