Morning News: Tuesday, March 21, 2023

  • New data from Eurostat and the Czech Statistical Office suggests a sudden decline in the number of children born per woman in the Czech Republic. This comes after the fertility rate reached its highest point since the 1990s in 2021, with 1.83 births per woman on average.


  • The introduction of Euro 7 standards, which would reduce emission limits for motor vehicles, would have an adverse effect on Škoda Auto. The European Commission-proposed standards would mean Škoda Auto could no longer produce Fabia, Scala or Kamiq cars, and therefore, around 3,000 layoffs.


  • As the current heating season comes to an end Czech reserves of gas are more than half full, Czech Television reported on Sunday. Consumers in Czechia used one-fifth less gas year-on-year in 2022, the lowest amount in eight years.


  • President Petr Pavel has suggested that Ukraine should use the opportunity for a counteroffensive this year, as it will be extremely difficult to get help from its allies for another attempt in the future. He specified that “this should happen within a few months”.


  • The Czech national football squad gathered in Prague on Monday ahead of their first two games in the qualifying process for next year’s European Championship in Germany. Their opening game will be at home to Poland on Friday, before they take on Moldova away three days later.

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