Morning News: Tuesday, January 17, 2023

  • Support for EU membership has strengthened across the bloc, according to the results of a survey conducted by London University and cited by The Guardian. In Czechia, 70.8 percent of respondents expressed support for EU membership.


  • The Czech National Bank is marking its 30th anniversary with a special edition of the 1,000 crown banknote, the bank’s vice governor, Eva Zamrazilová, told journalists on Monday.


  • The seven key holders to the crown jewels gathered at St.Wenceslas Chapel in St.Vitus Cathedral on Monday to open the doors of the Crown Chamber where the symbols of Czech statehood lie to have them prepared for an upcoming exhibition.  The precious relics will be on display in St Vitus Cathedral from Tuesday, January 17 until January 21.


  • Opposition ANO leader and ex-PM Andrej Babis clearly prevailed in the first round of the Czech presidential elections in towns with a higher incidence of poverty and debt collection, and with lower levels of education and socio-economic status, according to analysis from Daniel Prokop, a sociologist and PAQ Research head has tweeted.


  • Producer prices in the Czech Republic rose last year. They increased by 31.8 percent year-on-year in agriculture, 24.3 percent in industry, 12.3 percent in construction work, and 5.8 percent in business marketing services.

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