Morning News: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

  • A new underpass for cyclists and pedestrians is set to open below Mánes Bridge in the centre of Prague on Tuesday. The underpass, which is part of the A1 cycling route, will be ceremonially opened at noon. It will make it possible for cyclists to avoid the complicated Klárov crossing, through which the A1 currently runs, by diverging the route along the river bank.


  • Real wages, meaning wages adjusted for inflation, declined year-on-year by 9.8 percent in the third quarter of 2022, according to data from the Czech Statistics Agency. The nominal wage during the same period grew on average by 6.1 percent to CZK 39,858.


  • The crown jewels of the Kingdom of Bohemia, one of Czechia’s most prized historical artefacts, are to be displayed to the public from January 17 to 21, 2023. For the first time since 1955, the crown jewels will be displayed in the transept of Saint Vitus Cathedral


  • In Q3, average gross monthly nominal wages rose by 6.1 percent yearly but fell by 9.8 percent in real terms due to high inflation. The average salary was CZK 34,993. The Czech Statistical Office (CSO) published the data on Monday. In general, two-thirds of employees do not reach the average wage.


  • African swine fever (ASF) has been found in a wild boar in the Czech Republic, close to the borders of Germany and Poland. This is the first case of ASF in the Czech Republic since it successfully eradicated its previous outbreak in wild boar in April 2018, 10 months after it was first detected.

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