Morning News: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

If your day doesn’t start until you’re up to speed on the latest headlines, then let us introduce you to our new morning fix. 


  • The number of firefighters and resources in Bohemian Switzerland will be greatly reduced this week. Firefighters will leave gradually as they hand over other extinguished areas to the park administration.


  • The 12th Prague Pride, an annual week-long festival of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT), started with hoisting a rainbow flag at the Prague City Hall on Monday, running through August 14 and offering 150 events.


  • The Czech Defence Ministry will launch talks with Israel on the purchase of three unmanned aerial vehicles Heron 1. Daily Pravo writes that the three drones should cost 1.5 billion crowns. Heron 1 can be used for reconnaissance purposes, but also for combat missions since it is able to carry weapons.


  • Czech President Milos Zeman has vetoed the bill that would cut state health care payments and introduce their indexation as from 2024 in the same way as pensions are indexed. The lower house of the Czech parliament may override the presidential veto. The government coalition has the majority in the house needed to override it.


  • Czech detectives looking into the blasts in the ammunition depot in Vrbetice formed in February an investigating team with their British counterparts who deal with the poisoning of former Russian agent Sergei Skripal, the National Organised Crime Centre (NCOZ) spokesman said today. The reason for creating the joint team was information exchange about the suspects in both cases.

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