Morning News: Thursday, May 11, 2023

  • All-female band Vesna have made it as one of the 26 artists who will be competing in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday in Liverpool. The girl group, representing Czechia in the contest, are among the top 10 performers from Tuesday night’s semi-final, along with Sweden, Norway, and Israel.


  • The Czech government has introduced a clear definition of domestic violence, set to take effect next year. Almost 30% of women and 12% of men in Czechia have experienced domestic violence. The new definition identifies domestic violence as acts committed against a victim that affect their physical or mental integrity, freedom, dignity. 


  • Unemployment in Czechia fell slightly last month from 3.7 percent in March to 3.6 percent in April, according to data published on Wednesday by the Labour Office. There were 11,800 fewer people out of work than in the previous month, with 261,700 people unemployed overall.


  • Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala received the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, with military honours on Wednesday afternoon at his official residence in Prague. Bilateral relations, the EU, energy cooperation and new technologies were some of the topics on the meeting agenda.


  • The government has exceeded its aim of saving at least CZK 70 billion from the state budget, environment minister Petr Hladík said after Wednesday’s cabinet meeting. He refused to give further details, saying that the government will announce what specific measures are being taken on Thursday at noon.

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