Morning News: Thursday, January 5, 2023

  • Roughly one-fifth of Czech voters have still not decided who they will vote for in the first round of the presidential election, set for next week, according to a poll released yesterday by the STEM/MARK polling institute. 78% reporting already knowing who to vote for.


  • The Railway Administration has received a valid building permit for the renovation of Masaryk Railway Station in Prague and construction work can now go ahead, a spokesperson for the organisation announced on Wednesday. Once a contractor has been found, construction should begin sometime during this year.


  • This Saturday, the Ministry of Silly Walks will return again to the streets of Brno after a two-year pandemic hiatus, with a (silly) parade through the city centre to mark the International Day of Silly Walks on 7 January. The participants will meet on Saturday at 1:45pm at the Statue of Justice on Moravské náměstí


  • Half of Czech people consider the split of Czechoslovakia 30 years ago as the right step, according to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Research Center (CVVM). 39% of Czechs say it was wrong and the rest are undecided.  The poll also found that those who remember the so-called “Velvet Divorce” are slightly more critical of it.


  • The Municipal Court in Prague resumed hearing the Stork’s Nest case involving ex-PM and presidential candidate Andrej Babiš on Wednesday. The court session opened in the morning with testimony from an expert economic witness for the defence.

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