Morning News: Thursday, February 16, 2023

  • Prague representatives of the Together coalition, the Pirate Party and the Mayors and Independents, signed a coalition deal on Wednesday, nearly five months after local elections were held in the city. The Civic Democrats’ Bohuslav Svoboda, who is 79, is set to become Prague’s mayor.


  • The recently appointed UK and US ambassadors to Czechia presented their credentials to President Miloš Zeman on Wednesday and can now officially serve. US Ambassador Bijan Sabet, who arrived in Prague at the end of January, is co-founder and general partner of Spark Capital. Matt Field, the new UK ambassador, previously served in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  • The pension demands of Czech households, meaning the total amount of pension claims they are entitled to, reached around CZK 17,460 billion at the end of 2020, up CZK 24 billion from 2019, and equivalent to 305.8% of GDP, according to the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) today.


  • The European Commission (EC) will file a lawsuit with the EU Court of Justice against the Czech Republic and seven other EU member states for their failure to introduce rules to protect whistleblowers reporting unlawful practices from possible revenge, the Commission said in a statement today.


  • More than 8,000 people have already signed a petition initiated by the NGO Konsent, calling for the improvement of sexual education in Czech schools.

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