Morning News: Thursday, August 25, 2022

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  • Czechia wants to help Georgia enter the EU, Czech ambassador to Georgia Petr Mikyska told CTK without specifying what steps the Czech Republic could take as the leading EU country this half-year. Georgia did not gain the status of the EU candidate at the summit this June, unlike Ukraine and Moldova.


  • The Czech Interior Ministry will give out 200 million crowns to regions for running their assistance centres of aid to Ukrainian refugees that the regions have so far funded from their own budgets, the ministry has written on its website.


  • The Czech Republic has sent military material worth 3.8 billion crowns to Ukraine over the six months of the war and it is also helping the wounded soldiers. Along with the government help, the provisioning of the Ukrainian military has also been joined by Czech firms. Helicopters, tanks, howitzers and missile launchers delivered by the Czech Republic were used in Ukraine in the past months.


  • The Czech Republic has sent 5.9 billion crowns to war refugees from Ukraine in the form of humanitarian benefits in the six months since the start of the Russian invasion, the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry told journalists today. The state has given 846 million crowns to households for accommodation of the arrivals.


  • Confidence in the Czech economy fell for the third consecutive month in August, down 1.6 points to 94.1. Among business people, it fell in all sectors, while among consumers it increased after five months of decline. In July, consumer confidence reached its lowest level in the survey history, while in August, it rose by 3.5 points to 77.1.

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