Morning News: Friday, May 19, 2023

  • Firefighters are battling to contain a forest fire that started in the Bohemian Switzerland national park in the north of the country on Thursday afternoon. Nine firefighter units and a helicopter have been deployed at the site of the blaze, which broke out between the Pravčická brána rock formation and the German border.


  • Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský will visit Saudi Arabia and Iraq next week along with a delegation of Czech businessmen. Mr. Lipavský will meet with the countries’ top officials to discuss the development of bilateral relations as well as the current political and security development in the Middle East region.


  • A Czech volunteer was injured in an accident in Ukraine, the Health Reinsurance Association announced on Thursday. The man, who was helping out in local children’s homes near Zaporozhye in southeast Ukraine, is reported to have undergone surgery and is no longer in critical condition.


  • Czech Post will close 35 of its 106 branches in Prague. Prague city authorities see this as an opportunity to acquire real estate that could be used to expand the capacity of rental housing. The first project could be the purchase of a part of the building on Moravská, which could provide several apartments in the future.


  • Former Central Bohemia regional governor, ex-MP and former health minister David Rath was on Tuesday released from the prison in Brno where he was serving a sentence for corruption from early January, his defence lawyer Roman Jelinek told CTK today.

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