Morning News: Friday, May 12, 2023

  • All-female band Vesna have made it as one of the 26 artists who will be competing in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday in Liverpool. The girl group, representing Czechia in the contest, are among the top 10 performers from Tuesday night’s semi-final, along with Sweden, Norway, and Israel.



  • Former Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas twice gave false testimony in court in favour of his wife Jana Necasova, the appeals court stated today, definitively upholding Necas’s year-long suspended sentence for perjury and a fine of CZK 100,000. Necas is thus the first ever Czech prime minister to be definitively convicted of a crime.


  • Prague is planning to introduce a charge for non-residents travelling by car in the historic city centre and to limit visitor parking there. The aim is to discourage unnecessary journeys through the centre in order to decrease traffic. The measure could come into effect at the beginning of next year.


  • The German state of Saxony has requested the temporary introduction of border controls with the Czech Republic and Poland. German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz agreed at a meeting with regional government leaders on Wednesday that Germany could introduce border controls with its neighbours depending on the migration situation.


  • The Czech ice hockey player David Pastrňák, who plays for Boston Bruins, is among the candidates for the Ted Lindsay Award. It is given to “the most outstanding player in the NHL” as voted by fellow members of the NHL Players’ Association.

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