More Than 15,000 Czechs Have Received the COVID-19 Vaccine

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More than 15,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to healthcare professionals in the Czech Republic, two-thirds of them in Prague and Brno.

According to current data, most health professionals have been vaccinated in Prague and Brno, namely 6,515 in Prague and 4,445 in Brno.

Vaccination began in the Liberec region at the latest, where at the moment the IHIS registers only 9 people who received the vaccine. The Hradec Králové Region also has a minimum of vaccinated paramedics, only 150, although there is one of the largest hospitals in the country.

“The report is ongoing, hospitals are still entering more data, the deadline for the use of this first set of vaccines is from January 6 to 7, 2021,” said Ladislav Dušek, director Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic.

According to the latest statistics, a total of 614 patients are hospitalized in Prague (as of 3 January 2021), 104 of them are asymptomatic, 163 in mild condition, 234 in moderate condition, and 113 in critical condition.

724 patients are now hospitalized in Brno, 178 in mild condition, 396 in moderate condition, and 114 in critical condition.

Latest stats

The Health Ministry reported 17,668 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, the country’s highest daily tally on record.

Death tally rose by 185 over the past 24 hours, including deaths reported for Wednesday and updates of the totals for previous days. The total number of identified infections has risen to 794,740, and there were 132,725 active cases.

Hospitalizations stood at 7,143, a tad down from 7,351 the day before, but the latest data tend to be revised later.

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