More Than 300,000 in the Czech Republic Without Power Amid Storm

On the night of Thursday, 17 February, the Czech Republic was hit by a strong storm.

On the highest mountain of the country, Snezka, the wind speed reached 181 km/h. In low-lying areas, including Prague, it reached 90 km/h, which corresponds to a strong storm on the Beaufort scale.

As of 10 am, the bad weather left more than 300 thousand households without electricity. The wind broke down branches of trees that cut off power lines, blocking railways and roads.

Transport along several railway lines was disrupted and many roads were closed to traffic.

The worst damage is reported in the Central Bohemia, Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions.

No injuries or casualties have yet been reported.

There are 270,000 ČEZ customers and 40,000 E.ON customers without electricity. The remaining suppliers have not provided their data.

“We are still in the thick of a major storm that has created storm conditions, and despite those difficult conditions in the field, our crews continue restoring power and making system repairs when it is safe to do so,” said the vice president for ČEZ.

A gale force wind alert remains in place until midnight for the whole of the country.

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