Morcheeba to Play at Metronome Festival in June

Morcheeba returns to the Czech Republic after 6 long years, and their Metronome Festival set is going to include songs from the new album, as well as time-tested fan favourites.

The British band was founded by Godfrey brothers – Ross (guitar) and Paul (electronics) – and singer Skye Edwards in 1995. They took the global music scene by storm with the successful debut album Who Can You Trust? (1996) and followed up with the albums Big Calm (1998) and Fragments of Freedom (2000). Morcheeba has sold more than 10 million CDs and has performed on main stages all over the world.

Metronome Festival Prague is a two-day music festival whose stellar lineup combines major international performers with a “best of” from the local scene. The headliner of this edition are the pioneers of electronic music, Kraftwerks who promised to prepare a unique 3-D show. They will be joined by KAMP! from Poland and other stars like the Czech indie pop band Khoiba, and the Slovak instrumental group The Ills, whose music is based on the massive sound of guitars and mesmerizing rhythm. 

The Metronome festival was launched in 2016, the first year attracted 7,500 people, the last one saw 18,000 people.

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