Monkey Bar: The Cocktail Oasis in the Center of Prague

A new bar with an interesting concept has been added to the list of Prague bars. Monkey Bar is located next to the National Museum.

It belongs to the Falkensteiner Prague Hotel, but has a separate entrance and is designed not only for tourists but also for locals.

The jungle-like bar attracts guests with a designer interior and a green garden, as well as delicious dishes and cocktails. Monkey Bar is open not only at night, but also during the day, so you can come for a buffet breakfast (the bar is open from 7.30 am), have lunch or get a cup of coffee while walking around the city center.

The garden is heated during the cold season, so you can not be afraid to freeze on an autumn evening. There is a main hall, a living room and a breakfast room in the bar.

The perfectly composed menu has reasonable prices, not similar to the prices in the tourist places in the city center. “Tomato soup with olive paste” costs CZK 80, “Tagliatelle in forest mushrooms sauce” CZK 180 and “Éclair with white chocolate and pumpkin cream” CZK 100.

Nenad Jovanović, the chef of the restaurant, has a lot of experience. He worked at Geranium restaurant in Copenhagen, which has three Michelin stars. There is no doubt about the taste and high level of the dishes.

The bar list pleasantly surprises with its size and content. It features cocktails based on Monkey 47 Gin, a partner of the bar, cocktails with delicious fillings and exotic spirits-based ingredients, equally delicious non-alcoholic cocktails and a variety of snacks (not just peanuts or chips). All alcoholic cocktails have a fixed price – CZK 290.

Benedikt Houda, bar manager, states, “Our goal is to make guests choose drinks based on a simple taste profile that is verbally and graphically presented on the menu. That is why we set the same price for them.”

Serving cocktails requires special attention. The bartenders let their imaginations run wild. So, the Mango Sticky Rice cocktail is poured into a bowl of sake along with chopsticks and garnished with rice espuma sprinkled with sesame seeds and a slice of mango.


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“We did not want to open another city hotel, cut off from the inhabitants of the city. Our goal was to connect both worlds. A modern hotel offers not only accommodation, but also the atmosphere and experiences that await both hotel guests and local residents. And this is one of the main reasons why we have built a unique bar with an unusual culinary offer on the ground floor of our hotel, which has a separate entrance directly from the street,” explains Claudio Sturm, CEO of Falkensteiner Hotel Prague. “We do not have a hotel with a bar, we have a bar with a hotel,” he adds.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Monkey Bar has a lively atmosphere and DJ performances. You can see all the upcoming events here



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