Momoichi: Bistro With Japanese Touch

Momoichi Bistro is a Japanese cafeteria based in the city center of  Prague, Rimska 35 (Namesti Miru). There you can find a tranquil location for work and leisure.

On weekdays, the restaurant opens at half-past eleven and does not close until 10 pm. On weekends, the restaurant invites its visitors to an early breakfast, so you can bring all your family.

Momoichi’s concept is entirely based on the work of animator Hayao Miyazaki.  Visitors will find sketches on the walls from the anime “Spirited  Away” and the figures of the well-known “Totoro.” At the checkout, you can buy Totoro plush toys, accessories with the image of your favorite hero, and branded trinkets and souvenirs.

The cafeteria opened in 2016 and continues to delight visitors with a variety of Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine. The cafeteria’s teas are traditionally grown in the old-fashioned style in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The restaurant’s arsenal includes specialties such as matcha lattes, charcoal lattes, and red cappuccinos.

On the menu, you can find traditional Japanese ramen (Hiyashi cold ramen) for 275 CZK, a Vietnamese roll with shrimp (Saigon roll with shrimp) for 155 CZK, and for dessert Indian ice cream with baked mango (Mangové kulfi) for 95 CZK. Over the weekend, we recommend trying Fruit granola with yogurt (180 CZK) and Pandan pancakes (195 CZK).

Momoichi’s main attraction is the alcohol menu because few places in Prague can boast such a quantity of Japanese alcohol. You have to try the sake, especially the Tomiou Daiginjo Junmai.

Momoichi is not a traditional Japanese restaurant, but it has certainly found its niche within the city’s most unusual eateries.

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