Moctezuma Foods, the Prague-Based Company That Brings Mexican Food to Europe

Moctezuma Foods is a 100% Mexican company based in Prague founded 10 years ago with the dream of being able to offer our Mexican food to all the people living outside of Mexico, especially the corn tortilla.

We spoke with Carolina Couto, CEO of the company.

“Looking back it was a difficult challenge since at that time few people were familiar with corn tortillas, although they knew about tacos, we wanted to go further by offering all types of tortillas known in Mexico and they are a great success throughout Europe today.”

It began operations in April 2010 and remains to date, the first and only company of its kind.

Currently, Moctezuma Foods produces, exports, and distributes its products to Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, England, France, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, UK, and Italy.

Carolina Couto.

“Last year, compared to the previous nine years has marked a great change at the level of professional growth for our employees, at the production level in terms of our daily capacities and in terms of processes and quality in our products, since the company was sold to a group of Mexican investors who have worked at Moctezuma Foods,” added Carolina.

Today Moctezuma Foods is led by women in all areas of the company, starting with the General Management, Sales, Production, and Finance Team Leads.

“For us, it is very important to highlight this issue since we believe that the impact it can have on the women of our country and those of the world, in general, is huge. Although it requires significant physical work, we like to say that we began doing it only women and that thanks to our great efforts, today we have a magnificent team made up of Mexican men and women that proudly continue to produce and sell our corn tortillas to the world.”

After four years Moctezuma Foods relocated the whole company from Austria to Prague, with an industrial monthly production of up to 15 tons of corn tortillas.

“We work on three connected axes that are: time, cost and quality, these direct us to improve deliveries and shipments, quality in products and services in order to maintain our competitive prices and continue in the preference of our consumers.”

Moctezuma team.

Moctezuma Foods currently exports to 124 cities in the world. Although the tortilla is our main product, the company has 32 items derived from corn such as chips, huarache, chipotle tortilla, nopal, square, and round toasts.

“We specialize in Mexican corn products. The purchase process is direct with producers of corn in Mexico”

“We are happy to offer you the highest quality, the best service and the professionalism of each of the collaborators of this company in each package of tortillas that come out on the market and that is what really defines us, and we feel very proud to represent Mexico, its people, and its food throughout the world,” concludes Carolina.

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