Mobile Vaccine Team Launched in Prague

A Prague clinic has launched a mobile team to give COVID-19 shots in senior and social care homes, where hundreds of residents will be among the first in the Czech Republic to escape the fear of infection.

On Wednesday, the team vaccinated dozens of people with mental health and other conditions in Prague’s Holy Family Home, giving them hope they will be able to enjoy the full range of activities after months of restrictions.

“We are extremely happy we got in among the priority groups,” said Jarmila Lomozova, deputy chief of the Caritas relief organization in the Archdiocese of Prague.

She said the vaccine gave hope that some of the residents’ favorite activities, such as singing and dancing with a visiting accordion player, could resume.

The home hosts about 70 people in apartments of up to 8 each. About three-quarters were vaccinated on Wednesday, although some were unable to receive the shot for health reasons or because of a recent COVID-19 infection.

Dr. David Dolezil of the Prague Municipal Medical Centre said the mobile team of a doctor, two nurses, and a driver was necessary to reach people with impaired mobility.

“We will vaccinate nine institutions in a week and serve about 350 clients,” he said.

The Czech Republic is proportionally among the world’s worst-hit countries, with 13,656 COVID-19 deaths and hospitals creaking under a load of new admissions over the past week.

The number of infections rose by 10,854 on Wednesday, down from nearly 18,000 a week earlier, to bring the total tally to 866,522.

There are 143,824 active cases, according to the health ministry’s data. Hospitalizations stand at 7,182.

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