Three Projects to Help Homeless in Prague by NGO Mistni Mistnim

If you decide you have the means to help Prague’s homeless population, the nonprofit organization Mistni Mistnim (Locals for Locals) is launching three new projects.

Vouchers for hot drinks and meals for people in need

We are just starting our call to support people without homes who are out in the cold weather to show them that we care! With this project, we will also help our network of solidarity cafés to cover at least some of their basic costs.

“We would love to start one more path to connect our Prague community in solidarity – we’re all in this together. There is no better time than now to help each other and, especially, the ‘invisible’ ones around us,” says Ester Pacltová, founder at Místní místním

Mobile phones collection

Místní místním will collect, in cooperation with our solidarity network, old and new phones, sim cards, pre-paid credit, chargers, which we will then distribute to NGOs or distribute directly to people in the street.

A phone can help in many ways, from keeping in touch with family and friends to finding a warm place to sleep, finding a job, contacting social or emergency services. These days a phone is more and more a necessity, and many people without homes lack it.

A simple way for many people to participate in something that can truly help people in need and give them a better chance.

Community work

“So far, our small team supports about 20 people in need in pursuing artistic avenues and with basic social counseling, giving them the help that they need when they find themselves experiencing homelessness. Artistic ventures provide a positive outlet, a sense of relief, a feeling of connection and purpose, as well as a sense of belonging to our community,” says Ester.

“Our community is self-supportive – people share paintbrushes, notebooks, musical instruments amongst each other and beyond that, they also have the support of our association,” she continues.

“We’ve reconstructed an office in the beautiful Invalidovna building, in Karlín, to be an artistic atelier and rehearsal room, or simply a place where people can come to feel safe and just spend some time. We also organize events with the community, i.e., exhibitions or concerts to raise awareness and to show society the real picture of homelessness.”

“Our dream is to have money to pay our team and extend our work and help more people in need,” concludes Ester.


Any donation or sharing of the campaign would be greatly appreciated! Link in English here

Facebook post for sharing here

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