Ministry of Health Suggests Lowering Temperature in Schools

The minimum heating temperature in Czech school premises outside the classrooms could be lowered, as proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

For example, in the gymnasiums, it could be 17 degrees Celsius instead of the current 18 and in the showers 21 instead of 24.

In the classrooms, it should remain at 20 degrees Celsius, states the draft amendment to the Decree on Sanitary Requirements for School Spaces prepared by the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade also proposed a special decree in August due to the energy crisis, according to which the heating temperature of public spaces would be lowered in the event of a gas supply failure. In the school classrooms, according to the proposal, it should then drop from 20 to 19 degrees.

The school should remain closed if the temperature in classrooms drops below 18 degrees Celsius on three consecutive days, or below 16 degrees in one day.

The proposed limits do not endanger the health of children and pupils, according to the Ministry. For example, in the UK, classrooms are heated to at least 18 degrees Celsius and in Germany to 20 degrees, in Austria, the recommended temperature in the room ranges between 20 to 23 degrees and in gyms 14 to 17 degrees.

As a further measure, the Ministry proposed to limit ventilation. While the pupil should now have 30 cubic meters of fresh air per hour in the classroom and 90 cubic meters in the gym, the new limit should be 20 cubic meters in both cases.

The proposal is now awaiting discussion by the working committees of the Legislative Council of the Government.

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