Minister of Foreign Affairs: There’s an Agreement With Austria on Opening Borders Without Tests

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The border with Austria could be opened to tourists by mid-June without the need for a negative COVID-19 test or quarantine.

“The Czech government is discussing a similar agreement with Slovakia,” said Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček (ČSSD)on Tuesday after a video conference with the foreign ministers of both countries.

“With Austria, we have confirmed our interest in opening our borders to our citizens and for travel by mid-June, especially for tourists,” said Petříček.

“Borders with all neighbouring states – Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia – could be open by mid-June,” added Petříček.

Health Minister Adam Vojtech “had proposed that as of June 8, travel to and from a list of risky countries – to be determined but currently likely to include Spain, Italy or France – would be subject to the current requirements while others deemed safe – such as Austria, Slovakia or Croatia – would be exempt.”

Austria, Slovakia, and Croatia, for example, would be among the non-risk countries; Greece and Bulgaria should be also added to this list.

Vojtech said the list of risky countries would be updated continuously.

With Greece, the Czech Republic is negotiating a variant of traveling without the need for a negative COVID-19 test. According to Monday’s statement by Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smolek, Greece could be open to Czech tourists from 1 July.

From May 26th it will be possible to cross the borders and return if you have a negative COVID test. The government will clarify which crossings will open later this week.

“The government has today agreed that the border regime will be relaxed from May 26th; it will be possible to cross at several border crossings and checks will only be random. With valid exceptions, the obligation to submit a negative test for COVID-19 when entering the Czech Republic will continue to apply,” said Interior Minister Jan Hamáček.




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