Millions for the City and a Celebration of Sport. Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon Will Also Attract Tourists

Olomouc half marathon

The Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon 2022 starts already this Saturday, 18 June, at 7 p.m. However, it is not just about sport and individual performances.

The whole event also has a positive economic impact on the city and the region. The popular sport event will bring nearly tens of millions of Czech crowns in initiated consumption or in multiplier sales for the region.

Thousands of athletes and their companions can also be expected on Saturday when the next edition of this popular race kicks off. “Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon is running for the twelfth time this year. We are very pleased that we are welcomed in Olomouc and that we can organize the most prestigious race here in Moravia,” said Carlo Capalbo, President of the RunCzech Organizing Committee.

The Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon will welcome not only runners but also tourists. For example, in 2019, 10,000 runners participated in the race, and another 20,000 people came to visit Olomouc. Out of these, 52% were local or from the same region, 43% from other regions of the Czech Republic, and the remaining four percent from abroad.

On average, people stayed in the city for 1.2 days and each visitor spent CZK 638 per day. The total amount spent by all visitors is approximately CZK 26 million. “It’s always a big event for the city itself. I am glad that I will also be a part of this exceptional sports event, because I will participate in dm family run with my whole family,” said Miroslav Žbánek, Mayor of City of Olomouc.

The organization of the half marathon also contributed a significant amount to the public budget, where the total income reached 13 million crowns. “The organizing of running events is important. It brings millions to the region. Also this event presents sport and a healthy lifestyle,” said Michal Zácha, Deputy Governor of the Olomouc Region. “I am especially grateful for the dm family run, as the pandemic period has had a negative impact on children,” Zácha added.

Part of the sports weekend will also be the Moravia Sport Expo. “The whole area of the exhibition centre will be full of sport activities. We are preparing the largest sports expo in the country. Friday and Saturday will be mainly about the half marathon, but people can also look forward to a rich accompanying program for children,” said Eva Fuglíčková, director of the Flora Olomouc Exhibition Centre. “RunCzech supports sport activities for children and youth throughout the year within other races as well,” added Tomáš Mirovský, RunCzech race coordinator.

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