Metro Index 2021: Most Expensive Areas in Prague Revealed

flats prices prague metro

Czech real estate portal has recently published an index showing how proximity to a metro station can affect the price of an apartment. analyzed the average price of apartments located within 400 meters from the Prague metro stations (for some end stations, the radius is 1 km).

Apartments at the Staroměstská metro station in Prague are on average almost three times more expensive than on the cheapest Černý Most.

The analysis is based on real estate servers from last October to December. It takes into account 65 to 95 square meters of private property within one kilometer of the metro station.


Malostranská turned out to be the most expensive metro station in terms of nearby apartments with an average of 211,700 CZK per square meter. Over the year, housing prices have risen here by 25%.

The most affordable apartments are located near Rajská zahrada metro station – 75,700 CZK per meter.


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