Metaverse Festival in Prague: Take a Look Into the Future

metaverse festival prague

If you’ve been hearing the word Metaverse everywhere, but you still aren’t quite sure what it implies, take a look at Metaverse Festival happening on Thursday, June 2nd, and Friday, June 3rd, at VR PLAY PARK, Prague’s Virtual Reality theme park.

The purpose of The Metaverse Festival is to inspire and teach us about the new virtual space and our possibilities in it.

This will be an exciting educational event that will combine everything from live entertainment to keynote talks, panel discussions, exciting workshops, immersive experiences, 3D artist’s exhibitions, and much more.

It’s an excellent opportunity for individuals and businesses to learn how Metaverse can change their practices. The event will welcome speakers from companies specialising in bringing virtual and augmented reality one step closer to us.

Projections claim the investments of tech giants such as Facebook (now Meta), Microsoft, Apple, and Google will push this market to a whopping $800 billion by 2024.

Those big companies are betting heavily on the Metaverse’s future, making it straightforward that something big is coming up for the rest of us. Smaller companies and brands are also well aware of this, so they have to uncover a way to convert their business into this new reality.

What kind of reality is this exactly? Since it’s still incipient, this term has no right or wrong definition. Many see it as the successor of the internet, a 3D version where we would interact daily just like now.

Fundamentally, it would create a parallel to the physical world where we would spend our digital life. People will be represented as avatars. Those avatars are supposed to do almost everything you do in real life. Interact with other people (or other avatars in this case), go to work, go to virtual events, and much more.

There have already been some significant indications of an enormous technological and social breakthrough, like Mark Zuckerberg’s rebrand of Facebook as Meta, the virtual concerts attended by tens of millions of people online, or a digital art gallery in Decentraland. But this is merely the dawn of the unknown future that awaits us. There are still many things to unveil in this area, like the possibilities for businesses, NFTs, digital goods…

The Metaverse Festival will give a great insight into this complex topic with the help of experts working in the virtual reality field. The companies bringing the new digital environment in Prague are YORD, global creative VR, AR, XR, and Metaverse studio; MOYA, the first digital retailer that connects brands and consumers in digital ownership and experience transition; Museverse, a music platform for playing and performing in the Metaverse, Micia, the first NFT marketplace in China, the bridge between China and the rest of the world, and Somnium Space, an open, social, and persistent VR world.

The venue where technology meets entertainment and experienced speakers who want to inspire you to pursue a new reality makes this event a perfect portal to your first metaverse experience!

Buy your ticket to the Metaverse Festival 2022.

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