Mental Health Support Groups in Prague

With more than 231,000 cases, the Czech Republic has become the fastest-growing epicenter of COVID-19 cases in Europe. 

Uncertainty and unpredictability about the current situation have manifested itself in both Czechs and in some specific ways, foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Anxiety, isolation, and social deprivation have become daily struggles for a growing number of people.

Foreigners, being apart from their families and loved ones, especially those that recently moved abroad, may be experiencing the pandemic in a more sensitive way.

Long waiting lines at public hospitals for adequate psychological care and support or private expensive psychologists/psychotherapists have put a lot of people in a poor position to receive help on time. 

Amanda, Founder with psychologists, Ivona and Hadjar

Because of the pandemic, the team at Prague Integration Courses has mobilized resources and started to offer mental health support groups for foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

Using a donation-based model with English speaking psychologists, group and individual sessions have been developed especially for the purpose of addressing various issues that have arisen during the pandemic and due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Amanda Mataija, Founder of Prague Integration says that their aim is to offer all foreigners adequate help and support in these difficult times. Amanda says that Prague Integration has multiple psychologists/psychotherapists available every week from Tuesday to Thursday mostly in the evening hours.

Meetings are held online and groups are up to 6 people to keep the dynamics of the groups optimal so that all participants get the most out of them. Amanda also says that if needed there will be more psychologists recruited to help foreigners dealing psychologically with the pandemic.

”Íf someone is not in a position even to contribute a donation, we are going to accept it and involve the person if help is needed. These times are especially difficult and we need to think about the community and mental health in a way that is equal to physical health”’

If you are in need of mental help and support please check here

Prague Integration FB link or fill out the registration form and the team will contact you soon.

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