Mene Tekel Festival Against Totalitarianism Opens in Prague

The 14th year of the International Festival against totalitarianism Mene Tekel will be held from February 24 till March 1, 2020.

Exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, literary meetings, specialized colloquia, meetings with eyewitnesses, autograph sessions, interactive programs for school children, commemoration gatherings and the reconstruction of political trials – all this is being offered by the Mene Tekel.

It provides a forum for a variety of interest, social and generational groups, and the festival is attended by leading personalities from all over the world, such as political prisoners, and the initiators and founders of various museums and memorials.

The project, in cooperation with professional and memory institutions, provides evidence of the illegality of totalitarian regimes. It focuses mainly on recalling the legacy of the victims of Nazism and Communism.

Each year of the festival has its own specific theme, which resonates with the social climate. The George Orwell‘s Memento is the theme of the 2020 year.

The name Mene Tekel refers to the Bible and prophecy about the responsibility of each persons’ responsibility for their actions.

Annually the festival takes place during the week around the historical date of February 25, when the Communist Party took over in Czechoslovakia in 1948.

The festival is organized by the civic association Art Without Barriers, the Czech Institute for the Study of Totalitarian regimes and the Confederation of Political Prisoners.



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