Medical Marijuana to be Sold in Prague From End of June

Medicinal cannabis from a Czech supplier could be available in pharmacies from the end of June. Its price should be 149 crowns per gram without VAT. 

The State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) has announced that the Elkoplast Slušovice company won the tender for deliveries of medical cannabis for the Czech market. Currently, the only available medical marijuana in the Czech Republic is a single THC-high strain sourced from the Netherlands

Presently pharmacies can only offer imported marihuana, which is several times more expensive. Around 880,000 patients with multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS are believed to use medicinal marihuana in the country.

One patient may buy up to 180 grams a month. About two dozen doctors have the right to prescribe medical cannabis in the Czech Republic.

The contents of the active substances, cannabinoids, is precisely set and the cannabis may contain neither additives nor bacteria, moulds and heavy metals.

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