Meat Production in Decline in the Czech Republic

meat production czechia

In the first quarter of 2022, total meat production decreased by 1.5% year-on-year, to 111,669 tons. Beef production decreased the most (-2.3%, to 17,435 tons).

The production of meat from pig farmers was 52,710 tons (-1.0%) and poultry meat production was 41,502 tons (-1.6%).

The number of fattened pigs slaughtered decreased year-on-year to 558,800 (-2.2%). Overall, in the first quarter, the number of pigs in farms decreased by 5.6% year-on-year to 1.43 million, and the number of sows fell by more than 10% to around 81,000.

During the period under review, beef production in slaughterhouses fell to 17,435 tons (-2.3% y-o-y). A total of 56,100 head of cattle were slaughtered (-3.2%), of which 22,500 were bulls (-6.8%), 25,100 were cows (+0.9%), and 6,500 were heifers (-6.1%).

The prices for slaughter chickens increased 1.7%, with producers selling them in prime quality at an average of CZK 23.66/kg live.

As of 1 April, the number of poultry decreased by 3.3% year-on-year to 23 million, including a 6.4% decrease in the number of hens, to 7.6 million.

The only breeding product that measured growth in Q1 2022 was milk. In fact, 770,975 thousand litres of milk (+2.2%) were collected from domestic producers, of which 670,536 thousand litres (+2.6%) were purchased by dairies.

The number of sheep decreased by 4.9% to 174,000 and the number of goats by 3.2% to less than 25,000 animals. Farm milk producer prices increased by 14% from the previous year.

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